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Housing Options in Arlington, TX, Tarrant County and DFW

501 West Sanford Street, Suite 20, Arlington, TX 76011 

Ph. 817-275-3351 Lobby Hours: Monday – Friday 08:00 AM to 05:00 PM

For assistance, email: navigator@arlingtonhousing.us

TDHC -Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs
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For a list of Rental Properties accepting the Choice Voucher Program, click HERE to go to their page, or the button below with a PDF listing. 


For Information and Appointments, Call 855- 937-2372

Main Office: (Always Call ahead of a Visit)

Phone Number: 817-258-8000 - 201 North Rupert Street, Suite 107, Fort Worth, TX 76107

 Arlington Office: (Always Call ahead of a Visit)

Phone Number: 682-428-8160 - 401 West Sanford Street, Suite 2600, Arlington, TX 76011

Arlington Homeless Support Services
Homeless Shelters

Refugios para Indigentes

In this section you can find a summary of Homeless Shelters, Youth Shelters, and Housing Programs and support for AIDS Survivors. Please hit the button.
Homeless Shelters Click HERE.
En esta seccion encontrara los listados de refugios para indigentes, refugios para adolescentes, y para los sobrevivientes de SIDA. Por favor buscar el vinculo donde abajo que dice Homeless Shelters Click HERE
Click the Picture to link with the PDF Guide

City of Arlington, TX - Homeless Services

The City of Arlington, TX, is actively responding to the heartbreaking experience suffered by those falling into homelessness. Please visit their programs and services by clicking here. A PDF version of the Resource Pocket Guide is available by clicking on the first tab-button below or by visiting their website by clicking here, in addition to having a PDF file with all the existing resources for the citizens that includes the homeless service providers in the City, click here, or find it in the second tab-button below. Arlington, located in Tarrant County, also counts with all the supportive services from the Tarrant County Homeless Coalition, TCHC, click here, which also has PDF files with the most updated list of resources for those experiencing homelessness, click here, or get a copy in the third tab-button below.

La Cuidad de Arlington, TX - Servicios para los Indigentes

La ciudad de Arlington, TX, está trabajando arduamente para asistir a aquellos que están sufriendo de desalojo y terminando indigentes. Por favor visite sus programas oprimiendo este botón. Un documento imprimible, versión PDF, de la Guía de Recursos puede obtenerlo oprimiendo el primer botón abajo que dice Resource Pocket Guide, o oprimiendo el siguiente vinculo oprimiendo aquí. En adición, la ciudad a preparado un listado de recursos para sus habitantes que incluyen servicios para aquellos que están indigentes, y pueden obtener una copia dándole aquí, y encontrar una copia en el segundo botón. Arlington esa localizada en Tarrant County, que también cuenta con servicios de apoyo por parte del Tarrant County Homeless Coalition, TCHC, oprima aquí, quienes también cuentan con un formato imprimible PDF con todos los servicios más actuales asistiendo a la población, y que puede encontrar dándole aquí, o encontrarlo en el tercer botón abajo.

Arlington Police Department - Community Service Information

All You Need to Know
As A Property Owner

Homeless Camps

APD  H. E. A. R. T. H.
Homeless Engagement and Resource Team Officer 
Elizabeth Duoung - Ph. 817-823-8699
CIS Sharlene Christiansen - Ph. 817-823-4375
Code Compliance - Ph. 817-459-6777
Hands of Hope - Ph. 817-298-2779
Tarrant County Homeless Coalition - TCHC - Ph. 817-275-3351
Advocacy Project - Arlington Homeless Service Providers


The following recommendations are presented with the desire to prevent homelessness in the City of Arlington, TX.