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The section features popular Employment Search Engines and community search engines that can help you find your dream position. The search engines vary from entry-level positions to professional high-paying opportunities. It also features links to U. S. Federal Jobs and Statewide employment opportunities. Please watch the warning YouTube Video reminding you not to share your personal information until you have researched the prospective employer and have a job offer. Thank You!

SCAM WARNING - Be careful sharing personal information!

WARNING: Please do not share your personal information with a prospective employer until you have researched and verified the legitimacy of the business. You can go to the Better Business Bureau, click here, or visit the Texas Secretary of State website SOS Direct Search Engine, paying $1.00 for each search, or call them at (512) 475-2705 or e-mail ReportsUnit@sos.texas.gov. Click here to reach the SOS Direct Search Engine Tool. Please watch the following video from YouTube or look at the increasing number of similar videos warning about prospective employer scams by clicking here.
 KPRC 2 Investigates: Impersonator with a fake employer on Indeed steals thousands from a Job Applicant